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Cats Friends is a small, local charity who provide care, food and rehoming to cats who find themselves abandoned, lost or looking for new homes. We specifically cover the Rothwell and Desborough areas as we are local to both these towns. It is sad reality of modern society that year on year an increasing number of stray, mistreated and even well cared for cats, whose owners for a number of genuine reasons are unable to look after them, come into our care.

We do our best to support the local community by fostering these cats and providing them with shelter, food and veterinary care until they can find a new home.

All our adult cats are neutered or spayed and checked by a vet prior to rehoming and can make loving, reliable pets with established characters and great personalities. Every one comes with its own sad story but hopefully a happy ever after ending.

So whether it is a kitten, young cat or a senior cat you are looking for please give us a call.

Cats Friends is completely self funded and relies on kind donations to support the work we do.

If you would like to send a donation or provide food, litter, bric a brac for our sales or would like to find out more about adopting one of our cats please contact:

Bernie Freeman
tel: 01536 507934



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