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These are kittens around 11 months old so becoming yound adults.

Florence female tortie

Freddie black male

Martha female tortie

They have been, microchipped, neutered spayed, have had their injections, flea and worm treatment.

Freddie and Florence are bonded and would possibly like a home together.

Martha would like a home with an existing cat or on her own if someone home all day.

As they were born outdoors they are very timid and ideally they need quiet and patient homes unfortunately not with children.

To enquire about them please call:

Bernie 01536 507934 or email:




This is Oliver he is around 4 years old.

Ollie came in with an injury to his neck to this day I'm not sure how this happened to him. I suspect it could have been human inflicted as he doesn't accept a hand coming towards his face. He will rub round legs and be stroked without seeing hands. I hope one day he will feel confident enough to overcome this when in a home, we have seen this happen before.

Oliver is fed a hypoallergenic biscuit which helps his skin.

He has been, microchipped, neutered, flea and worm treated due his injections.

We think ideally a home on his own not with children and a patient owner who will not expect a lap cat somewhere where he can be independent and accept a new owner on his terms.

To enquire about him please call:

Bernie 01536 507934 or email:






This cat is looking for a home with another rescue we are advertising for them to try and help find the right home they are to be contacted directly information and details below:




Info about the cat:

Name: Mani

Age: Approximately 5 and a half years old

Male longhaired cat found on the streets of Cairo, he has experience in a home, very affectionate and very demanding, playful but also cuddly.

He requires outdoor space but must not be allowed to go out unsupervised as he is a roamer. Ideally he needs a cat proof garden or a large catio/avery. Mani is trained to walk on a lead with a harness.

Mani has lived with other cats but is probably best as an only cat or with a very relaxed cat as he likes all the attention. He has lived with dogs including giant breeds and will tell them off if they push his boundaries that said he is quite tolerant. A must is a scratch post as leather furniture is at risk.

He has had all his vaccination boosters, is neutered and flea/worm treatments are up to date.

The contact is Morgan Mitchell

Morgans email :










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